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Leave in My dream (time: 59")

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Leave in my dream
the weirdest structures
chaos in balance
on catastrophic line
random universe
in constant spore
where quanta hold and are
the entangled key.

Leave in my dream
absurd creations
living cells
conceived in chance
mutations wrought
by gamma rays and time
to twist this damned-forged
spiral code. (*)


Now place a stegasaurus
in my dream
a pterodactyl
and a dolphin too
then let that cell
present itself anew
to hand me an image
on mine own: mankind.

Last, give me nightmares
on evolution
future breeds
and star's demise
so that in anguish
and inept awareness
I may thus relish
this sweet despair.




Poems recited by Lorenzo Scaretti

All the poems are recited by heart


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