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spring is in the air in the eye of the beeholder die jesting

not match less WhichCraft arse tronomy

branes inspirraling and eddy fyne UnfiedField


Split ParSegment light light!

Stop Making Light Waves So Watt?! Shout

PointLess in cubus catarsetrophy theory

Soup for SupperSimmerTree the punch line The Black Hole Truth

a step ahead and a head start prolifig one diamonds are a girl s best friend

The MoodyLazer Ironic Beam What?! Her? Wind and HAir

farewell to arms mosaic je t adore

flight of fancy dress What's That ? That's the Spirit ! neither right nor fair

ThinBull fart efficiency

SawRing Inspiration War and Pieces of Mind one for the birds

fishy The GEight of Happy Sparrows halting encagement

pensieve old sm gravytee how to suckseed


PreText BeeYond in Four-mationtwo be sm


Static in Time Immobile in Motion civetta pulsante inner piece sm

pebble peekarsehole peephole Rats ! MoreTar ?!

MeRoar ToLose-Low-trec le deconditionneur th

Watch Out!

living space off no thing no porpoise 2

bull eyessolelessplaice sm spacetime light


fortune teller para dox ParAmour

the world is a stage transparenthesis macro

a pear a pair disapair

row botabroad bean abroad infantile volatile

intellygent dsigning The Whiting on the Wall di vine

axe tually an ice pick ture peace of art illery from sublime to ridiculous

Weight and Sea Weight Here collage du collage SackRed Art

all gods yen eggs me two clowned r u bored two tiers of directors


a voiding egg sistence2 alga rithm The Revolutionary

bisickle inv mittygator y knot






go bernini go freedome spring in rome

mark one the bigben theory ifo

ifell tower the leaving tower of pisa amazing apse traction





cherchez la femme congratulations porte

from galilee to galaxy3 un canny hilly bylly duo

fake news tango 
orango half trough fat




pelicant sm fountainhead oh that sinking feeling





poster pasta poster pizza poster party poster

poster pussy poster poster pony poster say cheese




barilume cio che stato polittico politico

botto ecologia futuracciolo tela bianca

merletto investimento ottemperato tela

testa di autore verdetto parziale tiamo

so no fine e mezzi quadrante

umore nero