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Amazing ApseTraction

«Torpedos are there to give you “that sinking feeling” that amazingly, and in gravity, bring you down to earth.»

1976-2012 -mixed technique 95x140 cmDedicated to René Magritte

amazing apse traction

Blue skies and white clouds take our mind to those painted by Rene Magritte.

Here, one of Magritte’s ‘characters’ is portrayed in the bottom right hand corner looking out from a maze.

While the inverted ‘Amerigo Vespucci’ is sailing from New York along the top of the picture, we see various things in flight (amongst which a hot-air balloon, horses, Bleriot’s aeroplane and… a yellow submarine) and an upside-down Church, the apse of which is being torn off by a tractor on a cloud.