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The Leaving Tower of Pisa

Here is the tower of Pisa shooten to the space


tempera on canvas 112x82cm

Dedicated Galileo Galilei and Albino Luciani




Eight hundred years after building work began, the tower of Pisa blasts off (at a slant of 3.97o !) into space. It’s as if the death of Pope Albino Luciani, John Paul I – the shortest serving pontiff in history at just 33 days - sends the tower flying up to the heavens. And, from below, his successor, Pope John Paul II, says goodbye to his predecessor.

souvenir de magritteRené Magritte, souvenir de voyage, 1955


This interpretation of the Tower of Pisa evokes Magritte’s treatment of the same subject, wherein the artist depicted the tower supported by (to take two examples) a tablespoon and a gigantic feather.