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Spring in Rome

spring in rome


mixed technique 118x105x12 cm

Dedicated Queen Christina of Sweden


The Spring Season throws its seeds into the wind, as Castel St. Angelo is transformed into a giant spring.

The reference is to Queen Christina of Sweden, who in 1633 aged just 6 years old, inherited the crown. She abdicated in 1654 after converting to Catholicism, and crossed Sweden on horseback, dressed as a man. She started a totally new life in Rome, where she remained until her death in 1689.

On a visit to Castel St. Angelo, Christina was asked if she would like the honour of firing a salvo shot from one of the castle’s cannons, and Christina promptly accepted. However, someone had, mistakenly, actually loaded that particular cannon. The cannon ball, once fired, flew over the roofs of Rome and hit the main door of Villa Medici (now the French Academy) causing a large dent, which is still visible.

In this pictorial representation the cannon ball literally ‘leaves’ the picture breaking the glass on its way to Villa Medici.