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mixed technique 145x90 cm

Dedicated to Karol Wojtyla


St. Peter’s dome is being blasted like a LEM (Lunar Excursion Model) into space, while a cherub points the way. 

The work is dedicated to Karol Wojtyla, who helped to liberate Poland from communism.
Here we see freedom cast as an instrument of economic, social and political liberation, fought for by a man of the cloth, who regarded free will as a means to spiritual freedom. 

And, consequently, perhaps also to freedom of thought ? As he told his bishops, clergy and faithful on 25th March 1992: ‘To remain faithful to the grace received ! This gift of God does not cancel human freedom; instead it gives rise to freedom, develops freedom and demands freedom.’  

However, if one is given the grace to believe in God, does this entail an uncritical acceptance of all the dogma of religion as well ?
Doesn’t that dogma limit an individual’s freedom of thought ?