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Go Bernini Go

(Italian Space Effort)

1978 - mixed technique 105x130x10 cm (LED internally lit) Dedicated to Gianlorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini..... a true Swiss !

go bernini go

The ‘Fountain of the Four Rivers’ located in Piazza Navona in Rome, was designed in 1651 by Gianlorenzo Bernini for Pope Innocent 

X. Legend has it that Innocent X was loathe to use Bernini, as he had been used by his predecessor and family rival PopeUrban VIII of the Barberini dynasty. Yet Bernini sneaked his model into the competition for a new fountain design, and won!

The base of the fountain is a basin from which travertine rocks rise to support four river gods. These represent the four major rivers of the four continents through which papal authority had by then spread: the Nile (Africa), the Danube (Europe), theGanges (Asia), and the Plate (Americas). Above the gods stands an ancient Egyptian obelisk surmounted with the Pamphili family emblem of a dove carrying an olive branch.

Here, the four Bernini statues are blasted into space, like a rocket. Waving good-bye is Pope Karol Wojtyla.

Meanwhile on the square, whilst life continues, flags hit by the rocket’s blast (including that of the Brazilian embassy) fly in all directions.

A balloon seller stands ready to peddle his balloons to the children who habitually visit Piazza Navona.