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Split ParSegment

split parsegment ref

split parsegment





mixed technique h 75 cm

Dedicated to Carlo Rubbia and the CERN Golf Club in Geneva









The ParSec is a unit of measurement used in astronomy, corresponding to 3.26 light years. It is an abbreviation for the distance of a parallax of one second - the distance from the Sun of an astronomical object that has an angle of parallax equal to one second of an arc.

This object evokes a large ‘split’ (shattered) segment, divided into 30 smaller segments, becoming a unit of measure for the golfer who needs to evaluate the course carefully if he is to score ‘under par’.

It’s a tribute to the ‘work’ of CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) and the ‘play’ of the CERN Geneva Golf Club (founded in 1982).

Carlo Rubbia (not a golf player) is an Italian particle physicist and scholar, awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1984 (jointly with Simon van der Meer) for the discovery at CERN of the vector bosons W and Z, communicators of ‘weak interaction’.