Y-Knot !? 

y knot



wood & rope 32x46x50cm h 50 cm

Dedicated to Jean-Pierre Jequier, 1968 !!!!!




Dedicated to Jean Pierre Jequier, this piece was completed in 1968 – before the Y/knot motif became ubiquitous.

Sometimes, answering a question with a further question (Why Not ?) is the most appropriate course of action, because there will always be a better answer, especially in science, an answer that can provide a more convincing interpretation of reality.

The symbol ‘Y’ is also the symbol of androgyny, and of aspiration to immortality. In fact, in ancient representations the Y suggested arms raised to heaven, reaching out for immortality.

If the love of truth is greater than the need to be right, you should not look for any answers. To know is to find a trivial knowledge.
‘Perhaps what we mainly need is some subtle change in perspective - something that we all have missed,’ concludes mathematical physicist Roger Penrose in ‘The Road to Reality’. ‘Fair’, ‘logical’, ‘sure’, and ‘true’ are questionable adjectives.

In fact, sheer reason and logic will only get you so far in a world which appears to be based on paradoxes. Gallileo’s method, for example, requires that a scientific ‘truth’ be replicable. This is the way science is and should be practised, but does it really bring us ‘truths’ ? Or merely an ephemeral attempt at describing events and facts ?!

alberto magnoAlberto Magno indicates the hermeticAndrogynous holding the “Y” symbolof immortality. Michael Maier, Symbola Aurea, Frankfurt, 1617.

Also, it would be wrong (and extremely limiting) to exclude other approaches when investigating the exceptional, extraordinary and inexplicable events that do take place.  String Theory posits that there are at least 11 dimensions, if not 26 ! Perhaps some of these collide with the four dimensions in our world from time to time, and allow things to occur which break the laws of this particular universe ?! In any case, with some phenomena, the more you observe, measure, monitor and ‘try to replicate’, the less likely they are to ‘happen’.

Obviously, this premise leaves the field open to quacks and charlatans. Yet the mere fact that a conjurer may be able to mimic an extraordinary, inexplicable event does not signify per se that real, inexplicable, non-replicable events do not occur.