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mixed technique 70x120x70 cm (LED internally lit)

Dedicated to Albert Einstein, Hermann Weyl & Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “Le Petit Prince”








The title is a tribute to Albert Einstein's ambition to bring together quantum theory and the theory of relativity. It is also a tribute 

to Hermann Weyl (German mathematician and theoretical physicist, one of the first people who tried to combine Einstein’s
theory of relativity with the laws of electromagnetism) and to Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s ‘The Little Prince’ (the character’s asteroid 'B612', and the planets he visited).

This ‘unified field’ is enclosed in a deep frame whose sides are tapered, subject to the apparent phenomena of time inflected by gravity in pre-determined / hypothetical areas of space: the concept called ‘frame dragging’. Hence the rope!

Along the top of the frame we see ten keys, symbolizing the chord tuning mechanism of a musical instrument to create harmony.

The ten strings convey the hypothesized ten dimensions that are required in at least one hypothesis of String Theory.