lorenzo scaretti rappresents the branes like an exploding bomb


‘Rack’ ‘Branes’ with ConFusing MindBlower


mixed technique 50x74x72 cm (LED internally lit)

Dedicated to Gabriele Veneziano and Lisa Randall with their infinite capacity and patience in explaining



(Short for ‘membranes’ in astrophysics. Branes are: ‘domains of several special dimensions within a higher dimensional space’.)

To clarify: In theoretical physics, a membrane, brane, or (pea) -brane is a spatially extended mathematical concept that appears in
string theory and its relatives (M-theory and brane cosmology) that exists in a static number of dimensions.

The variable p refers to the number of spatial dimensions of the brane. That is, a 0-brane is a zero-dimensional point-like particle;
a 1-brain is a string that can either be open or closed; a 2-brain is a ‘membrane‘ etc. Every p-brane sweeps out a (p+1)-dimensional
world volume as it propagates trough spacetime