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mixed technique (LED internally lit)

Can ‘Brightness’ be the opposite of ‘Lightness’?










Yes, according to Albert Einstein, who postulated the theory that light is stronglylight oldinfluenced by the force of gravity.
Here we see a set of scales weighing a large lamp, leading us to reflect on the relationship between lightness in terms of weight as well as illumination.
Man Ray addressed this subject in 1964, with Featherweight II (poids de plume).
Weight is a sum of lightness. The world is supported by weightless entities such as strands of DNA, the impulses of neurons, quarks, and neutrinos flying outwards from the beginning of time. The nuclear force that binds two protons is a hundred billion, billion, billion, billion times more intense than the corresponding force of gravity. As such, gravity is by far the weaker force, rightly termed in scientific fields as ‘the excluded’