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Watch Out!

The Occasional Glimpse of Eternity as Seen Through the Window of Time

watch out


mixed technique 61x79 cm

Dedicated to René Magritte & Man Ray




We see an eye in which a blue sky with white clouds is reflected, as if seen through a window of time: there is a watch in place of the pupil, signalling infinity and finity. (In the centre of the watch/pupil is an exclamation mark shaped like a cat’s vertically slit pupil: to better see in the dark !).

Time is both a human construct and exterior to the human mind. We create time, but it will carry on after we have passed. It generates opportunity - as anything is possible in time - yet it also presents a finite end, which we must ‘watch out’ for. Conversely, if we try to perceive eternity we must do so at our own risk and peril, for we might easily get lost. We reflect ourselves in Magritte’s ‘False Mirror’ (1928) and in Man Ray’s ‘Le Témoin’ (1971).