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1) Stop Making Light Waves

2) Gravitational Wave

stop making light


In 1905 Albert Einstein advanced the theory of Light by introducing the “particle theory”.
Today modern physicists believe that light can behave both as particles (“photons”) and also as waves.


mixed technique h 44 cm

Dedicated to Albert Einstein








Albert Einstein introduced the concept of light particles - in opposition to the prevailing notion of light waves. Quantum physicists later proved that, so far as we know, light travels both as particles and as waves.

This dual nature of light (intuited by Galileo long before being proved in the 20th century) means that it exercises a physical pressure, not unlike that of a wave of water. The wave-particle duality means that, depending on the physical phenomena involved, light behaves like a light wave or like ‘quantum energy’, a material particle of mass, that as a particle is capable of imparting an impetus to the areas it meets.

In consideration of this dual nature, the advice given to the waving hand, which rests on top of a weight measuring instrument,
is ‘stop thinking of light as waves’ and ‘start thinking of light as particles’. Stop making waves!