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Soup for SupperSimmerTree

How to break “supersymmetry” (“SUSY”) but prevent flavour changing.

soup for suppersimmertree



mixed technique, 101x202 cm

Dedicated to “The Golden Section”, Euclid and Leonardo Fibonacci.










According to Hermann Weyl, ‘Symmetry’ is a concept (however you wish to define it) by which man, throughout the centuries, has attempted to understand and create order, beauty and perfection.

“Soup, beautiful soup, soup of the evening, beautiful soup !”
‘Alice in Wonderland’ Lewis Carroll (Even if Susy doesn't exist, she should! She's too beautiful!) click here

‘Chemistry is not the preservation hall of old jazz that it sometimes looks like. We cannot know what may happen tomorrow.
Someone may oxidize mercury (II), francium (I), or radium (II). A mineral in Nova Scotia may contain an unsaturated quark per 1020 nucleons. (This is still 6000 per gram.) We may pick up an extra-terrestrial edition of Chemical Abstracts. The universe may be a 4-dimensional soap bubble in an 11-dimensional space as some supersymmetry theorists argued in May of 1983. Who knows?’

Christian Klixbüll Jørgensen.

Here we see a kind of chemistry, as soup is made for supper simmering in a pot bearing the image of a tree, all of which is reflected symmetrically.

The significance of the tree is that the proportion of wood, roots and sap to foliage and fruit is 95:5, exactly the same as the proportion of dark energy and dark matter to visible matter.

Did the universe, having gone through a ‘Baryon-Photon fluid’ stage, later become a ‘Quark-Gluon soup’ …. more ‘appetizing’ to Andy Warhol ?