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R U Bored Two Tiers of Directors?

A ‘Boring’ Procedure

r u bored two tiers of directors



mixed technique, 185x155x37 cm

Dedicated to Board Members and Chairpersons






 A wooden board full of bored holes hangs on a wall, with the drill used to make the holes protruding from it and still plugged into a nearby socket. A ‘boring’ and boring procedure dedicated to Directors, Board Members and Chairpersons.

This image has a particular resonance during a time of ongoing economic crisis. Legend has it that Henry Ford once asked workers on his production line which part of the Model T Ford never failed. He then asked them to make that part weaker. Planned obsolescence was born! Fordism changed the logic of manufacture and profit forever.

Can you imagine the boredom of having to sit at a board meeting where such decisions are deliberated? (This piece was conceived before the idea that having creative/eccentric ‘geeks’ on the Board was an asset rather than a liability.)