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Le “Dèconditionneur”

and Le “Conditionné”

le deconditionneur



mixed technique h 190 cm

Dedicated to “la Condition Humaine” by René Magritte






Beside the sea, there are two framed potential pictures on easels, a larger one and a smaller one. The image shows a great theatre scene, peopled with a fantastic and metaphysical presence.

As for Magritte and Mallarmé, the experience of absence is a precondition of the image, necessary to discover the appearance of the real world.

Everyone, especially children, act upon and are constantly influenced by the thought and behaviour of others. Here we have a father and a son, looking towards the sea, immersed in the human condition of reciprocal influences.

The image embodies the principle of painting within a painting, in a loss of substance which completes the abstraction of Magritte’s ‘La Condition Humaine’.