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Inner “Peace” of Olympian Sculpture

War and Peace
Piece of Sculpture
Peace of Mind

Zeus (Jupiter in Roman times) had a headache so, according to Pinder, Hephaestus split his head open with an axe.
From Jupiter’s head sprang Athena (the Roman Minerva) Goddess of War and Art “the inner peace of Olympian sculpture”.

lorenzo scaretti inner piece

inner sculpture size



translucent methacrylate and marble on oil barrell h 160 cm (LED internally lit)





This bust, commissioned by a wealthy Texan from a prominent Houston oil-family, is made of translucent methacrylate, and has a crack on the forehead. Inside, fully visible, is the marble-dust sculptured head of his wife SANDRA: she becomes his ‘inner peace’ his ‘anima’ and his divine, emotional conflict. She also has a golden rose (‘Yellow rose of Texas’) resting behind her left ear.

The work is mounted on SAND, on top of a black and gold oil (black-gold) barrel. Next to the bust is a figure of the Egyptian sun god RA-Harakte, which represents Leo (the husband’s astrological sign).


scaretti inner peace


The sculpture is internally lit. It was commissioned in 1979, and took three years to complete due to problems encountered by the cooling processes of each material.