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From SubLimeLight to Ridiculous

«So Now You UnderStand !»

from sublime web





mirror & lime fruit 240x100x100 cm

Dedicated to Piero della Francesca’s Pala di Brera

“Mirrors should think longer before they reflect.”
                                                     Jean Cocteau








Many years ago the artist was at the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan, with an American acquaintance.

madonnaPiero della Francesca, Pala di Brera o di Montefeltro, 1472- 74

Admiring Piero della Francesca's 1473 picture of the Madonna, known as the ‘Pala di Brera’, the awestruck American (who, by strange coincidence, was, like Piero della Francesca, both painter and mathematician) exclaimed, ‘Sublime !’

The whispered reply shot back, ‘Ridiculous! It is not a lime! Looks more like an ostrich egg to me.’

Only in 2009 was there an opportunity to stage this visual pun, in three (four !) dimensional form, at a Rome art gallery.

‘Why four dimensions, if you please ?’
‘You have to actually take a fraction of time to be able to ‘transit’ under the lime-fruit before “stationing” in front of the mirror.’

And if you stop directly under the lime itself: ‘So Now You UnderStand !’