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Fortune Teller

fortune teller




mixed technique & computer graphic 220x90 cm

Dedicated to the Sibilla Cumana





A cross between a bank teller and a fortune teller stands at a till, beneath which is written the word ‘tilt’, a word commonly associated with gambling machines. The word ‘fortune’ is associated with riches as well as with luck.

In the teller’s crystal ball we see a mushroom cloud, signifying the apocalypse. Behind him we see a picture of a man ploughing a field with a horse, and the caption ‘Till the End of Time’. ‘To till’ means to plough, and the farmer will have to labour endlessly whilst the banker (and not just the farmer himself) will reap the rewards of his labour.

Banks are an essential necessity in our society. However, the work makes reference to the recent overstepping of limits due to the increasing complexity of world finance.