Collage du Collage du Collage

collage du collage



mixed technique 70x100 cm

Dedicated to George Braque











(Et le col d’un certain age)

Picasso and Braque invented the collage technique, to create works related to the concept of illusion and optical deception.
Here the technique is taken to an extreme, incorporating 40 boxes which once contained glue - a material essential to collage.

In our contemporary media culture, our work should have sticky surfaces and rough edges, to bond with other ideas in the network, and contribute to an ongoing dialogue. In a culture glutted with slick Teflon-coated downloads, we need to push ourselves to upload our own content. The secret war between downloading and uploading is a ready product for the contemporary
practice of collage.

‘The medium is the message,’ said Marshall McLuhan. Here, the medium of glue (la colle) has become the message itself.