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bisickle inv      wheelMarcel Duchamp's 1913 "Bycicle Wheel" 

Dedicated to Marcell Duchamp's 1913 "Bicycle Wheel" 


Having seen Marcel Duchamp's 1951 "Bycicle Wheel" version at MOMA(?) in New York Lorenzo's immediate reactions were:

"Too easy!" "a Tautology!" "I certainly get the point but let us go a step further and at least let us now try and do something else" "why not try to create a whole "bicycle" from object(s), combined with phonetics, that have nothing at all to do with a bicycle?!" so was born the "BiSickle".





Now, add a "ham" to the composition and we get a "Ham and Bisickle" so we can have a new political party!

Better a party without the political...: see "Party Poster"

bisickle ham