Weight and Sea Weight Here

Weight and Sea  -1974-2004 

Weight Here

lorenzo scaretti in Weight and Sea plays with words



mixed technique, photo elaboration 120x79 cm --painted wood bolted to floor h 50 cm

Dedicated to René Magritte






Albert Einstein answered a ‘weighty’ question (‘How long will the world exist ?’) asked by a 14 old year English girl with the response,
‘Earth has existed for over a billion years. As for its ending, I will give you this piece of advice: Wait and see.’

Thus, a weight of 1,000kg bolted to the ground implores us to weigh our thoughts, and stay grounded. Above the weight we
see a painting in which the very same 1,000kg is suspended over the sea.

The painting references ‘The Castle in the Pyrenees’ by René Magritte, whose block of rock into which a castle is carved has
been replaced by the 1,000 kg weight, reminding us of Marinetti: ‘We are on the extreme headland of the centuries, why
should we look back if we want to break down the mysterious doors of the impossible?’

The weight of waiting.