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Short biography


Lorenzo, born in London ( UK) on July 21st 1937, is the scion of a family from the Piemonte region in northen Italy, which was active lorenzo portraitin Rome (Papal States) as bankers as of the first half of the nineteenth century. 
Lorenzo's father, Enrico, in addition to running the bank, was also a thermal-waters industrialist (Chianciano and Albule thermal waters), Vice-President of Italian Red-Cross, Knight of Malta and, in a certain sense, an economist ( "A bell for Italy" -1944/1945 ) and a diplomat, being the first Italian citizen to be sent on an official exploratory mission to the USA in October 1944 by the post Word War II Italian civilian government. 

Lorenzo’s mother was a talented English water-colour artist and writer. Lorenzo is also of French, Scottish, Dutch and probably Norwegian descent, and has distant relatives today living in the U.S.A, Ireland and Australia.
His elementary and high school education was pursued at the Collegio Nazareno in Rome, Italy and at the Oratory R.C. Public School in Berkshire U.K. From there he went on to the University of Grenoble where he followed an extramural course in French literature.
Between 1956 and 1959 Lorenzo attended Magdalene College University of Cambridge U.K., where, though not a very proficient student, he read Economics and Law (MA Cantab).
From 1960 to 1970 he worked for E.N.I. (Italian Hydrocarbon Authority) in Italy, the U.K. and the United States and subsequently for F.I. Du Pont in London, New York City and Rome.
From 1970 onwards, combining an early interest in language, comparative literature, music (in youth an exceptional dancer) and reflections matured during extensive travels, Lorenzo has increasingly dedicated himself to his "visual phonetics" which display a highly pertinent synthesis of surrealist art, Anglo-American humour, current scientific theories, philosophy, conceptual art and linguistics.
Lorenzo has had exhibitions in Rome (Galleria Etrusculudens 1974, Galleria L'Indicatore 1975, Galleria La Nuova Papessa 1977; Galleria l'Angelica 2005 and 2006), London (Hamilton Gallery, group show, 1978), New York (Art Expo, 1982), Monte Carlo (Galerie Le Point 1984) and Los Angeles (Italian General Consulate 1986). His creations are in private collections in New York, London, Paris, Washington, Los Angeles, Montreal, Houston, Bruxelles, Acapulco, Buenos Aires, Munich, Florence and Rome.
Lorenzo Scaretti, a widower, was married (1977-1991) to Susanna Polednikova from Prague. He spent the last years of his life between his home in Piazza Navona in Rome and the Trebbio castle in Tuscany.

He passed away in Rome on September 20, 2021 at the age of 84.

Lorenzo Scaretti baby scaretti gallery 15b lorenzo scaretti with family in 1947

Lorenzo Scaretti with his sister Virginia, 1953 Lorenzo Scaretti just graduated at Cambridge University


A young Lorenzo in Saint Tropez in 1962 scaretti New York stock exchange,1967

 corsica 1963 1963 Scaretti josafat marella trebbio

scaretti gallery 42 Susanna Polednikova Scaretti, wife of the artist, 1974 Lorenzo Scaretti in 1974

scaretti 80                 scaretti padre cut